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  • What are the rules?
    -Have everyone remove their shoes before entering play area. -No food or drinks in the play area. -No face paint, slime, glitter, pens, bubbles, or sharp objects in the play area. -If there is water/pool play near the soft play area, please dry off before entering play area. -Adult supervision is required at all times in the play area. -Please see our Rental Agreement for additional rules.
  • How do I book my Soft Play Event?
    Reservations are based on a first-come first-serve basis. To secure your package, date and time, please: 1) Select your package, date, and time. 2) Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit, to secure your date and time. 3) Pay your remaining balance in-person the day of your event or prior to your event via Please contact us if the date or time you are looking for isn't available in the calendar at or call (743) 244-5289. **All rentals are subject to the applicable VA sales tax.**
  • Can my event be either inside or outside?
    Yes! We can setup your soft play area inside or outside, depending on the weather. If you have a smaller space to setup please contact us ahead of time so we can reconfigure the play area.
  • Are there rules to outside play?
    -We do not set up on dirt, sand, tanbarks, extremely dirty or uneven surfaces. -The surface must be FLAT, dry, clean, and safe. Driveways, pavements, and hardwood surfaces are best, especially for the foam tile mats, so they stay intact. -In some cases grass can be accepted as long as it is dry and clear of debris. -Play space must be set up in a shaded area or under a canopy to protect the play equipment and prevent it from getting hot for the kids. -For the safety of our guests and employees, we will not set up outdoors if rain or inclement weather is in the forecast. In these cases, party host should plan to reschedule in advance or set up indoors, if possible. -Deposits or payments are non-refundable and may be used as credit to reschedule your rental for a future date within a year. **Please note: Once Tiny Tribe Kids begins to set up the equipment, it cannot be relocated and a refund WILL NOT be issued. **If you are hosting your event at a park, or event center it is your responsibility to verify our equipment is allowed on the premises
  • How does delivery, setup, and pickup work?"
    -We provide Contactless Delivery, Set Up, and Pick Up. A DELIVERY FEE may apply based on your location. -We will arrive 60-90 minutes prior to your party start time to set up. -Please inform us in advance of any restrictions that may impose a challenge or delay to set up (like hills, stairs, narrow street, etc.). -Breakdown takes us about 60-90 minutes depending on the package. -Please make sure to have the play equipment back in its original set up and balls in the ball pit prior to pick up.
  • Do you clean your play equipment?
    YES! Our equipment goes through stringent cleaning and sanitizing. We guarantee that a nice and clean play area will be delivered to you. All play equipment and balls are washed with mild soap and water, then sanitized again after each use.
  • What is soft play?
    -Foam-padded play equipment primarily for crawlers to five-year-olds -Creates a structured, stimulating, and safe play environment. -Stimulates and develops physical dexterity and literacy. -Greatly beneficial for children with special/development needs.
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